Yes, this is yet another blog on minimalism, or downsizing, or any number of other terms focusing on doing – and being – more with less.  It’s my humble addition to the conversation, where I’ll share some of my own failures and successes, tips and finds, thoughts on the journey and downright killer chili recipes.  I’m under no delusions that this blog will change the world or dramatically shift the greater conversation of simplicity.  Rather, it’s a topic and lifestyle that has seized me during the past two years, and even if I just talk to myself, well there’s still some benefit there.

But success is rarely the best motivation for action.  Minimalism itself – paring back your possessions and lifestyle in order to focus on what’s truly important to you – has a multitude of benefits that often can’t be expressed with numbers (or views, to tie it back in with blogging).  Peace, focus, presence, contentment… These are actually much better reasons for pursuing a lifestyle cleanse than the hope of extra money; although you may end up with some of that as well.

So I start this blog with really only one simple goal: to continue getting back to basics.  I’ll work through some ideas here, probably fumble the English language and contradict myself, but hopefully also provide a different perspective through my own experiences that can help others in their journey as well.  You are welcome to join in the conversation!